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The up comes lokoing And if you are criticism-aged or older, you own that most Swedish men are gay. The latter speed out that in its source form, the amendment would god low-income students from hooking their spouses to live in Edmonton and would also fine educated singles or folk from fine living in Man. Taxi drivers all site silent if the with doesn't sender a conversation.

Elderly and rural people literally force their guests to have some coffee, im people whose Marrried includes helsikni people's homes Mardied clergymen may develop a stomach ulcer. Your place is heated in winter and has electricity, a TV, a bathroom and a toilet -- although your summer cottage might not have all of these. You don't kill your food yourself except a iin times a year, if you happen to be one of those who like hunting or fishing. Winters Mqrried always snowy except on the south ans but not VERY cold. The heating and other technical facilities work so that you helsibki think of people really getting killed because of snow or cold weather.

Trains may be late, though. Toilets are to be found in WC Water Helsikni or behind doors with more or less clearly identifiable male and female creatures. If you are over Blake lively dating list or, in some circles, over 10, or over 8 and under 65, you Married and looking in helsinki a cellular phone and you use it, all the time. The traditional telephones work, too, and getting a helsinli phone is routine. Trains Marries good, but they mainly helsinmi Married and looking in helsinki towns and cities. If you live in the countryside and are over helsibkiyou are accustomed to using your car always and everywhere.

In Helsinki, the public transportation works well but seems hepsinki be used mostly by women and children. It seems natural to you that there are many political parties, although the differences between them are mainly ideological cosmetics -- in practice, most of them seem to follow a Marriied based Marrjed the idea that there is only one feasible alternative. It seems hesinki to you that there are people who still believe in socialism or a kind of communism, although you know that the Soviet Union even at its best was an underdeveloped oligarchy. If you belong to those who revolted against their parents in the 's and 70's by singing praises to the Soviet Union, you make public apologies now.

You are not really a racist but unaccustomed to different races, maybe a little xenophobiac. And then, if you are a male, you might get aggressive if you see black-haired or dark-skinned foreigners in the company of Finnish women. You think most problems could be solved if only people would work hard enough. The Russians never got through -- but Walt Disney did You find Americans ridiculous with their primary reflex to sue whenever they can get away with it, even if it is their fault. You also watch TV serials featuring American lawyers and court dramas, and know the American court practices far better than the Finnish ones. You trust doctors and respect them enormously.

If they fail to cure you, you won't sue them. And you wouldn't dream of bribing or tipping doctors and nurses -- as people did in some countries of the former Eastern Europe. But then, you think -- unless you are a doctor yourself -- that Finnish doctors earn too well already. You speak English more or less fluently. At school you have also learned quite a lot of Swedish and usually German or French, maybe even Russian or some more exotic language, but you might not be able to actually speak these languages, unless hard pressed.

You are annoyed at English-speaking people who refuse to learn other languages; at the same time you speak English with all foreigners, also with Swedes or with foreigners who desperately want to learn Finnish, and put your children in an English-speaking kindergarten or school if possible"because it's useful to learn foreign languages [read: English] as early as possible". You know that Finnish is the most difficult language in the world and of no use anywhere abroad and treat foreign students of Finnish with a mixture of admiration and pity. You complain about the scandalously high taxation, but not very loudly.

School is free, so are the universities. The date comes first: The decimal point is a comma, or so you are taught at school. People in technical and computer professions seem to use the dot. We came out "second best": And rebuilt our country without foreign aid. Those were glorious times, now generally admired, because there is no Soviet Union to be afraid of and the present-day young and middle-aged adults have not been fed up with their parents' reminiscences of "the War" any more. The honest people with blue eyes You expect marriages to be made for love, not arranged by third parties. Mostly and especially if you are a femaleyou want a romantic church wedding if you are a member of the church, no other ceremony by "worldly" authorities is required.

You have a best man and a maid of honour at the wedding -- mostly your best friends. And, naturally, a man gets only one wife at a time and vice-versa. Premarital sex is not chastised except in some religious subculturesand young people of both sexes often want to finish their studies and enjoy "a life of their own" before marriage.

Most couples just "live together" in avoliitto 'open union' for some time, before getting officially married. Some marry only after the birth of the first child rensome never. If a man has sex with another man, he's a homosexual. Or, in more urban circles, maybe a bisexual or an ultra-modern gender-blender.

Are you a Finn?

And if you are middle-aged or older, you believe that most Swedish men are gay. You can use a more polite plural, like French vous or a more intimate singular, like French tu form when addressing people, although the polite form is used only in very formal situations most people would use it with the president but not with a shop assistant. Politeness is often expressed by avoiding direct reference to person, and first names are seldom used in conversation often only when you need to catch somebody's attention: If you're a woman, you perhaps occasionally go to the beach topless depending on which beach. If a young woman or a child is plumper than the average, it makes her despair.

And yet, many people are fat. But then, women are supposed to earn their own living so that good looks and getting a husband won't mean the whole world. Films are subtitled, never dubbed except those for young children. You seriously expect to be able to transact business, or deal with the government, without paying bribes. You wouldn't dream Lesbian big boobs strap on trying to bribe a policeman. You don't have to give tips to taxi drivers, waiters Married and looking in helsinki barbers. If a politician has been cheating on his wife, serious journalists seldom bother with it.

Just about any store will take your credit card. Firing somebody is not always possible. It has Married and looking in helsinki be justified. If it can't be justified, the company may be condemned to pay damages. This could be one of the reasons why young people often only find temporary jobs. Labor Day is on the 1st of May. It's also the day of university students and approaching spring, and a kind of carnival for all people. If under 40 and maybe in other cases, tooadd a lot of American action and romance, from Terminator and Rambo through Star Wars to Titanic. If you consider yourself an intellectual, you have seen some French and Italian films, maybe even German ones!

But probably not Caterina Valente or Guildo Horn! You count on excellent medical treatment. You know you're not going to die of cholera or other Third World diseases. You think dying at 65 would be a tragedy. On the other hand, you know that reaching an old age may mean spending many years deserted in a hospital, maybe unable to move, maybe struck with Alzheimer's disease or something of that kind. In school, you learned bits of European history, something about America and even less about the Third World. If you are over 35, you and your friends tell each other horror stories about how miserably few facts of history and culture modern kids really learn at school while in "Europe"as you know, children are still forced to memorize important names and dates and read several national classics.

You're used to a wide variety of choices for almost anything you buy. If you are older than 50, you might remember a time when well-off people could take a ferry to Stockholm to buy things one couldn't get in Finland. You measure things in meters, kilograms and liters. You're not a farmer. But you have relatives who are, or were. The people who appear on the most popular talk shows are mostly entertainers, politicians, or rather strange individuals. In addition to this, they simply have more chances to meet members of other nationalities at universities or high-status occupations and have some common language to speak with the future spouse.

Heart-wrenching and heart-breaking realities Being in a multicultural relationship is not that easy. It also comes with heart-wrenching and, at times, heart-breaking realities that make us question our choices. There are also other issues that can complicate the relationship: If the spouses manage to overcome these difficulties and still love each other it is a great example of a strong balanced relationship. In this case it is true devotion, mutual respect and definitely not a marriage of convenience because there are actually so many inconveniences involved in it. Government mixes money and marriage Perhaps the Finnish government has thought that things are not complicated enough for those in multicultural marriages.

When compared with other European countries, Finland had the seventh least multicultural marriages in relation to the population in Thus, a year ago the government announced its plans to discourage immigration by introducing tougher family reunification rules. According to Ylethese measures can also affect Finnish citizens who want to settle in Finland with a spouse from outside the EU. Yle suggests that rules will call for at least 1, euros net income a month if the spouse does not have a job waiting in Finland. A couple with two children will need to net 2, euros. The latter pointed out that in its current form, the amendment would prevent low-income students from bringing their spouses to live in Finland and would also prevent educated couples or families from temporarily living in Finland.

What does the future hold for multicultural marriages in Finland?

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