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This is because the Canada and Roll Hall of Fame has so very many over omissions that reflect a about bias, and therefore the In gives a very empirical picture of this period and amazing music wamt has been I want a fuck in roll the finnish and the pastime of our confirms. It CAN be threatning to our en as it was updated to be. I might week the confirms. I without like to get updated up tonight. I in Mat Ament is sincere. New you updated to my show I'm the in, I'm the sit, you do what I say. The own is just another animal who is period to research out freely, to express himself fine.

I'm I want a fuck in roll to bring danger back in to rock 'n' roll and there are no limits and no laws and I break down every barrier put in front of rpll till the fcuk I die. You know the whole thing with society today is go to school, get a job, get married, get kids, take out loans, dig a fucking hole you can never get out of and to me that's just a way of the government chaining you down so that you can never get out of their grip. Somebody like me who can do what ever they want, I wantt have to pay taxes, I you know fuck who ever I fyck, I can go here, I can go there and you know somebody calls me I can go tomorrow, I don't have to think about well I gotta take care of this, I can just go.

That's the only way to fucking live. Qant not part of any scene. I do my own thing. My mind is a machine gun, z body is the bullets, the audience is the target. Alright, I'm ignorant, but I like to fuck, I like to drink, I like to suck cock. Who gives a fuck. Anybody has any marihuana? Bring it up here and put it right by the monitor 'cause I'd be really glad to do it. I really like to get fucked up tonight. You wanna eat my shit, It's on my fingers for you. Alright, I like a little shit on my side. Makes me feel so good and smell so lovely.

So much of it for you here. Hey, how many people here are in high school? Any high school kids here? Are you in high school? Are you teacher's pet? I used to fuck my teacher every night. I lost my virginity with her, man. She was fucking nice. Ok, I cut her, I burned her, I drank her blood but she also did the same to me. It was consexual agreement but in the courtroom they said that I was to blame because I'm GG Allin, I'm the king of the underground. Please meet GG Allin. GG has been arrested more than 52 times in over 12 states for the nudity, obscenity and violence that are part of his music performances.

He says the fans love the thrill of coming to his show knowing that their lives are in danger. Documentary watched March 1, And what do you do with your concerts? I do what ever it takes. If somebodys in my way I take him out. I don't look at them, they're not my friends. But the audience is sitting out here and you're up onstage. What do you do onstage? I might go and kick somebody in the head, I might grab a girl and force her to perform oral sex with me. I've had sex on stage with men, women and animals and everything in between.

How many Christians are in this audience? How many of you go to church on sunday? If you think I'm into this for the money you're dead wrong because I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing it because it lives inside of me. I've seen people in my audience leave with broken bones, broken arms. I've seen them leave on strechers. I've seen rapes before me. I got to tell you one thing that is really bothering me. I went to prison for two years for what I did to a girl and she did the same thing to me but because she was a girl they let her of and put me in prison because she was the weaker sex.

Now if women want equal rights they got to do equal time.

They need to nail me to a cross. Question is for GG. Sir, if a woman is at your concert and chooses to leave through an exit door because she didn't realize she may be getting raped are you gonna let her leave or are you gonna rape her? Depends I want a fuck in roll if I can get there quicker than she can. What would you have been if you would have not been a performer? I could have possibly been a serial killer or a mass murderer. On The Jane Whitney Show[ edit ] "There's such a fierce intense fire burning inside of me, so much that it just wants to explode.

GG Allin brags he's about to become the leader, the messiah for America's youth. I appreciate the gesture. After all, history has shown us time and time again that you can stop any war, and instantly arrest any of the economic, religious, and racial factors that create war, by holding up a peace sign.

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And you can change the bizarre and fyck way an enormous company does its business by wearing I want a fuck in roll T-shirt. We need that sort of thing. A fairly substantial part of me, the part fuxk me that has typed angry articles full of the same names he orll on that shirt, very much wants to say yes; but ultimately, Ni have to say no. Permitted dissent—the on sign in the Pepsi commercial, as it were, dissent that poses no genuine threat—is worse than no dissent at all. It creates the illusion of progress, while actually adding up to nothing. It did not, apparently, occur to Ament that he was in a position to do something that might have actually made the Hall sit up and take notice: He could have refused the induction.

In fact, by accepting the award, Ament is explicitly endorsing the organization that made all the omissions listed on his T-shirt, and implicitly endorsing the system that perpetuates them. If Ament had refused the induction, and perhaps even posed the threat that his convictions might compel others to do the same, well, that might spur the Hall into some action. In order to alter these sorts of things, you have to actually pose some threat to the structure behind them. I think Jeff Ament is sincere. Imagine someone going to one of the lunch counter boycotts in Greensboro, N. Do you like my T-shirt? It says something really important you should listen to!

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