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Valance explained "They're both saturated from bringing in everything from outside and she's super fired up. She just loses it and screams in his face. Mark later realised that he had been too harsh on Paige, but just as he decided to give their relationship another go, he saw her kissing another man. They then decided that their relationship was not working. But when she arrived she witnessed Mark engaging in "a heart-to-heart" with Rain Taylor Airlee Dodds and she left. Paige Sophie paige bikini shop tried to kiss him, but he rejected her advances. She completely loves him and even now that she is doing whatever with Tyler, deep down she is just completely besotted with Brennan.

Paige was "touched" when Mark came to check on her, but when he told her he was just doing his duty, she confronted him and they ended up kissing. Valance described the moment as "a bit of an accident" and thought it happened rather suddenly. When Paige started planning the wedding, she began to realise that she did want to get married and she became excited about it. She also told Lauren about her fears that Mark will soon find out what kind of woman he is marrying. But when Mark turned up at the house, he arrested her in front of their friends and family.

Paige initially told him that she would not be his second choice, but she later changed her mind. After spending the day flirting, Tyler and Paige kissed, but during the moment Paige called out Mark's name. Valance thought "Tyler and Paige were "too much alike", but they brought out the best in each other. However, they became stuck in the well when a crowd of people gathered nearby. Paige later admitted that still had feelings for Mark and Tyler told her that he just wanted to be friends. Paige was unhappy that someone else had become involved, and Valance said "She's also annoyed that Tyler didn't discuss it with her first.

They're heaping lie upon lie, and she feels that their situation is escalating. Michelle also opens up to Paige about her past and how she has found religion. Paige was then kidnapped and locked in a car boot. The whole thing shocks Paige, but she works out it has something to do with the Dimato situation. But as she ran down the road, Paige was unaware of the speeding car behind her until it clipped her, leaving her unconscious. Valance commented that Michelle was "a convincing victim" and Paige accepted that she needed help. During a "tussle" between the two women, Michelle managed to pin Paige to the ground and admitted that she was getting her revenge for Paige sending her to jail.

Ellen tells Mark to bring Paige in for questioning. To go and throw it away for the unknown He added "It's an emotional week for her. I know there will be a few speeches and a lot of tears. She does not reveal her identity to her parents, as she wants to get to know them first. Her behaviour makes Lauren and Brad's spouses, Matt and Terese, suspicious. Paige also struggles to get along with her half-sisters Amber and Imogen, but bonds with her half-brothers Josh and Bailey. When Paige feels Lauren has rejected her, she trashes Harold's Store. Ethan visits and encourages Paige to tell her family who she is. Paige learns Lauren's mother, Kathy, was responsible for her being adopted and decides to get revenge.

When Kathy tells Paige she is getting too close to Lauren, Paige takes her heart medication. Kathy later finds Paige's sketchpad, which contains drawings of her family, and realises Paige is her granddaughter. Kathy has a heart attack and hits Toadfish Rebecchi with her car.

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Kathy's scarf restricts her breathing and Paige saves her. Paige decides to leave town, but Lauren catches up with her, finally knowing the truth. Lauren takes Sophie paige bikini shop to Brad and tells him they have found their daughter. Paige's half-siblings have mixed reactions to the news. Terese learns Paige trashed Harold's Store and Matt Sopuie forced to arrest her. Terese later drops bikino charges and tries Sophoe be more welcoming. After a few problems, Brennan and Paige eventually begin dating. Brennan starts acting secretively and Paige sees him kissing Dakota Davies. Brennan tells Paige that he was investigating Dakota along with the police.

Realising that their relationship is not working, they break-up and Paige moves in with the Sophie paige bikini shop. When Paige admits that she still has feelings for Brennan, he tells her does oaige feel the same way. Paige strikes up an online relationship with Bryson Jennings Brodie Derrick. Paige designs a logo for the Erinsborough Festival, but when her design is altered to cover up the female figure, but not the man, Paige stages a topless protest and the logo is changed back. When a large sum of money is stolen from the Turners, Bryson becomes the prime suspect.

Paige invites him to meet her and after his arrival, Bryson is questioned by the police and cleared. Bryson realises Paige is not interested in him romantically and leaves. Bailey later admits that it was his fault the money was taken. Paige almost has sex with Brennan's brother, Tyler, but she leaves after realising she still loves Brennan. She and Tyler later kiss again, and Paige says Brennan's name in the heat of the moment. She apologises and they agree to be friends. Paige sees Tyler checking out a car to steal, and later discovers that the same car was involved in a hit-and-run on Matt the same day. Matt dies of his injuries. While supporting her family, Paige calls Lauren "mum" for the first time.

She later accuses Imogen of spending too much time with Daniel and tells her to let him concentrate on Amber. She later realises that she has been unfairly taking out her anger on Imogen. Bailey takes a car from the garage, leading Paige to discover that it was already stolen and was part of an illegal car ring. Tyler makes it clear he has feelings for Paige, but she tells him she is still in love with his brother.

When Paige becomes jealous of Brennan's new relationship, she asks Tyler out, but then finds him with another woman. Paige tries to make the garage a legitimate Sophje, but Joey Dimato soon leaves them with a bag of money. Paige and Tyler throw the bag down a well and when they go to retrieve it, they kiss. They later discover some of the money has been stolen. When Sohpie is beaten, he refuses to let Paige take him to the hospital, so she steals a prescription from Karl Kennedy Alan Fletcher for strong painkillers. When Nate Kinski is almost attacked by the man who beat Tyler, they tell him everything and he pays their debt. Jayden tries to blackmail Paige into having sex, but she gives him strawberries laced with laxatives, Sophie paige bikini shop then threatens to release a video of him relieving himself outside if he does Sophid leave her alone.

Brennan admits that he has feelings for Paige, but paibe to act on paie out of respect to Tyler. Paige plans to get Lauren and Brad back together, but Terese learns of the plan when she sees a text message from Ethan. Paige celebrates her Sophie paige bikini shop birthday hsop The Waterhole and her adoptive mother, Mary Gina Liano turns up unexpectedly. Paige claims Mary neglected her, while Brad and Lauren try to get them to reconcile. Paige eventually confronts Mary about the time bokini overheard her saying she ruined everything. Mary explains that she had just learned that Paige was stolen from Lauren and her husband had lied to her.

They reconcile and Mary invites Paige to go to Singapore. When Tyler disappears Paige tells Brennan about her part in the stolen car ring. They find Tyler, and Dimato and his gang are arrested, with the exception of Joey. Brad confronts Paige when Terese tells him about the plan to get him and Lauren back together. Paige apologises to Terese. She fears Joey is after revenge, and he later holds Paige hostage in her back yard. Paige manages to overpower Joey and ties him up, before he is arrested. Paige confronts Mark about his feelings for her and they get back together. Paige helps Tyler to track down items stolen from the garage and he kisses her.

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